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2018 Season Update
The sign up process is ready to go ahead and sign up for the 2018 Season of Ski Club.  The Vermont Trip information is posted as well.  Everything is ready.  Go!

The TVHS Ski & Boarding Club is excited about another season on the slopes.  The club is booking a package with Blue Mountain Ski Resort for the season.  The package will include 6 trips to Blue Mountain on Friday evenings.  In addition, the club is also booking a trip to Vermont.  The Vermont trip will include 3 days of skiing and boarding over President's Day weekend.

How to Join Ski Club
In order to join and participate in Ski Club, you must purchase a ski or boarding package from Blue Mountain.  For more information on the Blue Mountain trips, please click the Blue Mountain button below.  In addition to the Blue Mountain trips, Ski Club also offers a Vermont trip at an additional cost.  After completing the sign up process for Blue Mountain, you may also sign up for Vermont using the Vermont Trip button below.

Mr. Ryan Waltermyer is the Faculty Adviser for TVHS Ski Club.  If you have any questions or concerns, please email him at
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