March, 2017 Blood Drive

February, 2017 Blood Drive
blood drive

127 individuals registered to donate donate blood on February 28, 2017.  In total, the Miller-Keystone Blood Center collected 88 whole blood units and 18 automated red cell units for a total of 106 units!

Sherry Kramer, Donor Resources Representative for the Miller-Keystone Blood Center, said:

That’s a lot of selfless acts of blood donation (and attempts.)   What a super job you all did with the organization of all the different areas that are needed to pull off such a feat. My sincere thanks to all who once again have helped in any way with the blood drive. A tremendous school effort.  One to be very proud of. The effects are far reaching from your dedicated work. Multiple people are able to be helped by each donation. Those are people’s lives we are talking about.  And you all are helping to make that lifesaving difference!