Local Scholarships

In order to be eligible to apply for local scholarships, students must have submitted at least one acceptance letter from a post-secondary educational institution to the guidance office.  A meeting was held during block 2 on Monday, March 12 for eligible seniors.  Applications should be submitted by April 3.  

Completing the Local Scholarship Application

​The entire application must be completed at one time.  Students are strongly encouraged to review the application prior to completing it in order to be prepared to fill in every field. 

There is a short-answer/essay section for all applicants to complete.  Some scholarships also require applicants to submit additional, specific essays.  Students are strongly encouraged to complete these essays in a word-processor so they can be copied & pasted into the field on the application form.  Text entered into the form cannot be saved intermittently or edited once submitted. 

Students are encouraged to review all local scholarships and to apply for all scholarship for which they are eligible.  Students should not apply for scholarships they are not eligible to receive. 

Click the link below to view/complete the application.  If you are not logged in to the TVSD network, you will be prompted to enter your TVSD username & password.  Please contact your school counselor if you have any difficulty completing the application.