Preschool Lab

Twin Valley has made the difficult decision to temporarily suspend our Preschool Lab until further notice.

However, if you would like to share your information; name, address, phone and email we can contact you if things do change.

We truly hope that we can return to our normal operations as soon as possible.

Twin Valley High School’s Preschool /Lab Program is committed to a high-quality child-centered environment that enhances success for all individuals. This is done with the collaboration of educators, high school students, Preschool /Lab children, families and the community.  Our goal is to provide strong foundations with high expectations that support our community of life-long learners.  We are committed to fostering positive and caring attitudes with our children and their families.

Our program is unique
We offer children an opportunity to play and learn with age- appropriate peers.  All children learn individually and excel in different areas.  In an integrated setting, every child is encouraged to shine and has an opportunity   to model for other students.  All students are nurtured and recognized for their unique interests, strengths and needs. This program will give the child a head start before entering Kindergarten.
 And what makes our program even more unique?  It’s our talented and caring high school students who assist Mrs. Berdan, our Child Development Instructor with the program.  The majority of our students plan to enter the early childhood or elementary teaching professions and this program provides an excellent training ground.

Why TVHS Preschool/Lab?
Younger children work with TVHS student teachers from our Family and Consumer Sciences program in a safe environment under the watchful eye of Mrs. Berdan.  

Children learn how to cooperate with other children within their age group, as well as learn age- appropriate skills.  Every child is provided with positive reinforcement and attention, providing a fun educational experience for Twin Valley’s younger community 
members as well as the high school students. 

What We Do:
Physical:Gross Motor Skills – running, handling, jumping, Fine Motor Skills – coloring, gluing, pouring, arts & crafts
Intellectual/Cognitive:Early Literacy Skills - learning to use books, 
Manipulatives – basic counting skills, 
Exploration – songs and movement activities
Emotional/Social:Sharing – materials, ideas & opinions, expressing feelings, establishing positive relationships with teachers & other students, Encouraging confidence in all areas and promoting a positive self-concept.
Communications/Language: Expressing wants & needs, understanding what is said
listening practice and vocabulary development

Ages 2 ½ to 4

Tuesday & Thursday Mornings

9:20 am to 10:30 am

Session I – September to January

Session II – February to May



Ages 4 – 6

Monday, Wednesday, Friday Afternoons

12:05 pm to 1:20 pm

Session I September-January

Session II – February to May


$50.00 per session

Contact Mrs. Melissa Zacharda at 610-286-8600 or