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Peer Intervention

The Restorative-Mentor Process is the first proactive step in allowing students to resolve their own conflicts without the disciplinary action of the office. The Restorative Process involves getting two people together who are in conflict and helping them to come up with their own solution.  If you are in conflict with another student or if you have a friend who is in conflict with another, then fill in the form below.  

The Peer Mentors are students who are trained in the Restorative Process.  Both parties will be assigned a mentor who will discuss the issue with you.  All will join together to gain understanding and come up with an agreed upon resolution.  A contract will be written and signed by both parties.  The mentors will follow up to determine how the contract is working and if the contract needs to be modified.  All information shared in the Restorative Process is confidential.  


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