Student Government and Leadership Opportunities

A key component to Student Council is the opportunity to have leadership experiences. Students involved in the Council do not just lead by example, but are given training on being a leader, work in committees, hold leadership roles in the school, and participate in school decision making forums.  Being a member of Student Council enables students to hone their leadership skills and gives them ample opportunities to be a leader within the school and community.

​Summer Leadership Sessions:
This year all council members were required to attend a one day leadership training course held at TVHS in July.  Here, students worked together to practice leadership skills, determine who they are as an individual leader, and work together as a team to plan the year and implement new ideas for the betterment of the school community.  

Summer PASC Camps:
Student may choose to attend a week long summer camp held at Susquehanna University held by PASC, Pennsylvania Association of Student Councils.  TVHS Council pays for a portion of the cost and students are immersed in a week long camp that allows students to meet and interact with other student leaders throughout the state. They are taught various leadership skills, shown ideas for bringing spirit and fresh ideas to their high schools, and have fun in the process. Council members who hold officer positions for the following year are expected to attend the summer camp.

Regional and State Conferences:
Council members are given the opportunity to attend multiple conferences and seminars throughout the year.  Nine students attended our State Conference held in Deer Lakes this fall and heard speakers and attended workshops on various leadership and school topics.

This May, council members will attend the Region G conference in Boyertown. Members will present a workshop and learn the skills necessary to run a worthwhile workshop for their peers.  They will also hear guest speakers and attend workshops to learn about what other councils from our region are doing to improve their schools and communities.

We also attend various Leadership Seminars and Conferences that include students acting as legislators and debating state issues, sitting in Senators' chairs to conference and run a caucus, and hearing guest speakers who share inspirational stories and motivate them to push themselves into leadership roles within the school.

School Board Representatives:
A Junior and Senior member of Student Council represents the student body at a school board meeting each quarter.  Representatives run for the position and are elected into the role by their fellow council members.  As a School Board Rep, students are expected to prepare and share a presentation to update the board on Student Council initiatives, as well as, events and programs being offered by all the clubs and activities of TVHS.

School Committees:
Student Council members also serve on various school committees alongside faculty and administrators to share the voice of the students in the school.  Council members shared input on the future of technology at TVHS on the Technology Committee and gave input from the students' perspectives concerning the upcoming flex schedule changes.