Working Permits

Twin Valley High School is responsible for issuing work permits to minors residing within the Twin Valley School District.

Information about Pennsylvania's Child Labor Law is available here.  If you have specific questions about the PA Child Labor Law, please contact the Bureau of Labor Law Compliance at 800-932-0665.

The form to apply for a work permit can be downloaded below; Please call the High School Office at 610-286-8648 if you have any questions about the application process.

Instructions for completing the Work Permit Application:

Section A
The issuing officer at the High School must be shown evidence of the age of the minor. Proof of age may be presented in various formats, but it must be an original document (not a copy). Accepted documents:
 Birth Certificate
 Baptismal Certificate
 Passport
 Photo Driver’s License
 Affidavit of parent or guardian accompanied by physicians statement of opinion as to the age the minor

Section B
This section must be completed and signed by the parent, guardian, or legal custodian.
When the application has been completed it should be returned to the High School, and the issuing officer at the High School will issue the Working Permit within 24 hours.

You must sign the Work Permit in the High School Office. This Work Permit given to minors only needs to be applied for once. When issued, it is the student’s card to keep. The employer may make a copy. If you change jobs, the card must be presented to each new employer until you reach the age of 18.

At this time TVHS will do work permits by email and ZOOM

TVHS has resumed issuing work permits in person