Thank You!

Thank you for your interest in becoming an Internship Mentor. You are making a sound investment in today’s youth—America’s future!

These guidelines have been written to help you with the task of mentoring your student. We will also be able to answer your questions and provide you with details about the program and your involvement.

“Learning by Doing” is the Key! This program helps students relate schoolwork to the actual “world of work.” It gives students the chance to try out their future career before they invest great amounts of time, training, education, and money. This experience allows students to see what it is really like to work in a professional field by being exposed to varied work experiences. Thank you for choosing to mentor our students!

Our internship coordinators can be contacted in the following ways:

  email office phone cell phone
Mrs. Gwen Werner 610-286-8600 x7637 610-823-0244
Mrs. Angela Morgan 610-286-8600 x7638 484-459-4570


Mentor Guidelines and Responsibilities

GOALS--The mentor and intern should discuss and list at least 5 goals for the intern to complete during the internship. Your intern has been provided with a Goal Sheet to record these goals. This will occur in September for Semester One students and in January for Semester Two students. Full year interns will update goals quarterly.

GRADING--Students will be graded each quarter by their mentor and the internship coordinator as follows:

Mentor:  Coordinator: 
70% - See Grading Card (below) for a  sample. 30% - Goal Sheets and End of Quarter Reflections

Mentors should review the Grading Card with the student before returning it to the Internship Coordinator.

STUDENT ABSENCES--Students are required to notify their mentors of illness or absence. They will call you according to your call off policy if they need to report off sick for the day. If they know in advance that they will be absent, then they may inform you in advance. If a student does not show up without notification, please contact us immediately.

Please keep a record of their attendance each day and record any absences or lateness. Also indicate if they informed you that they would be out or called in. I will email you every Friday with an attendance request.

Students must attend school in order to attend their experience that day. If they are absent from school they cannot report.

COORDINATOR VISITS--A coordinator will visit work sites regularly to make sure the goals are being met.

WORK/BEHAVIOR PROBLEMS--Any problems with students should be reported immediately.

Please consult the school web site for days that school is not in session.