Good attendance is extremely important:

More than 3 absences per quarter is excessive.

Attendance at school and internship is not optional—it’s mandatory in order to be part of this program. Mentors are under the agreement to NOT allow a student to attend if he/she did not attend school or left early from school (unexcused).

If you become ill while at school, you must be nurse-released. Otherwise, you are expected to attend your internship.

If there is inclement weather, please use your (or your parent’s) discretion as to whether or not you will attend your internship.

If school is running on a 2-hour delay schedule, you may attend internship during your normally-scheduled time OR you may attend based on the 2-hour delay bell schedule OR you may report to the high school office (instead of attending your internship) and the office will instruct you where to report. Please communicate with coordinator.

What happens if I cannot attend my internship due to illness, college visit, dr. appt., etc.?

If you are sick, you must notify your coordinator by 8:00 am (voice mail, text, email).

Notify your mentor according to company policy.

Parents report your absence to the high school office (610.286.8600).

Sign Out and Mail

You must sign out in the high school office daily (clearly write your name and “internship” as reason for leaving).

If you are signing out but not attending internship (for example you are going to the dr.), please indicate DR. after your signature/name.

Please check for mail DAILY—you are responsible for checking on communications or assignments and need to meet deadlines.

Flex Responsibility

You are expected to attend flex periods as they relate to your classes. If you are here during a flex in which you do not have a class, you will be instructed where to report. For example, if you are a Block 1 only or a Block 4 only intern, you are expected to report to your coordinator during your flex period.


Students must have a driver’s license and vehicle registration by the first day of each semester.

Students must obtain a parking permit from the high school office.

Students must have their own transportation—you may not rely on friends or parents for transportation.

Students who lose their driving privileges may not be able to continue in the program and will be assigned to another class.

Dress Code

You are expected to dress appropriately for work each day. Ask your mentor for the uniform or dress code requirements.

Internship Sites

It is the student’s responsibility to obtain an appropriate internship in a career field of his/her choice.
All placements must be approved by the coordinator.

Students are not permitted to quit or terminate their internship without the prior approval of their coordinator.

Internship Hours

Students will report to their internship sites during their scheduled block(s).

Students must leave school immediately—this is not a time to take care of other business or make up work from other classes.

You may not leave internship sites early to return to school to pick up siblings or friends.

Leaving to get back to school on time for sports is acceptable.


70% Mentor Evaluation (occurs twice—mid-point and end of quarter)
You will be given a grade card to be completed by your mentor

30% To be determined by your coordinator
This will include a goal sheet and an end of quarter essay (points will be deducted for all late grade cards and assignments)


For every block per quarter you intern, you receive .5 credit. You will receive a final grade quarterly.