Staff Appreciation

​Staff Appreciation:
Student Council students acknowledge that the staff members of TVHS are a wonderful group of adults who work hard each day to better the academic experience for the students.  We have determined that our staff needs to be recognized and appreciated throughout the year.

Teacher Cart:
At each quarter's end, Student Council members volunteer to wheel a cart filled with refreshments around the school for the teachers.  Since we realize completing grades for the end of each quarter is stressful, we want to show a small gesture of thanks.  Teachers are welcome to take some items from the cart to hopefully brighten their day and show our appreciation.

Custodian Luncheon:
We showed our appreciation for the custodians by providing them a lunch of hoagies and snacks.  We value them and want them to always know we appreciate their effort to keep our school running!

Staff Luncheon:
During Teacher Appreciation Week,  we host a faculty luncheon to thank our staff members for their hard work throughout the year.  We take over the senior lounge so our staff members are able to spend time together and have a cookout.  We pay for the school cafeteria staff to provide the food and council members decorate so it is a festive event.

Holiday Thank Yous:
We also want to make sure our custodians, cafeteria workers, and administrative assistants feel appreciated.  During the holidays we provide cookie trays and cards signed by all council members for these important staff members who keep the school running smoothly.