Course Selection 2020-2021

Course selection instructions... ​

Core & Elective Classes

  • Students should select the Math, Science, Social Studies, English, and Wellness/Health/PE class appropriate to their grade level (see the Program of Studies).  Some students may choose to accelerate in a required area – see your counselor if you have questions about accelerating.

  • Students should refer to the Career Pathways Model in the Program of Studies when selecting elective classes.

  • Please refer to the grade appropriate course planner for a worksheet that may help highlight core course requirements.

 Credit Totals

Most students will select a total of 8 credits. Music students may have more (see below).  BCTC/TCHS students, students requesting more than one section of STEM Lab or Internship, and students selecting the flexible scheduling option or off-campus dual enrollment may have less than 8 credits listed.


All music classes are held during the same class period; therefore, students selecting multiple music ensembles will have a credit total that appears to be greater than eight throughout the course selection process.  The number of credits earned in each ensemble will ultimately be prorated so that they total 1.0 credit.

Music ensembles: Concert Choir, Symphonic Band, Symphonic Orchestra, and Field Band 



Students should only select a BCTC or TCHS course if they are enrolled or have been accepted into a program.  BCTC course numbers start with '9' and TCHS course numbers start with '8'.  Contact your school counselor if you are unsure of your status. 

  • Current 9th  & 10th grade BCTC or TCHS students should also select a Math, Science, Social Studies, and English class.

  • Current 11th grade BCTC or TCHS students should select a Math, Social Studies, and English class as well as Health 10 and PE 11 for their senior year.



Students interested in an internship should select that class under the Business & Computer Technology Department.  Students will only be able to select up to one credit worth of internship; students interested in more than one credit of internship should see their counselor.



Students should only select alternates for elective classes.  


Students and families with any scheduling-related concerns should contact their high school counselor.

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Documents and Links...
Instructions for requesting courses through Infinite Campus:

9th Grade Course Planner (For current 8th graders; this must be returned to school, more details to follow)
Grade 10 Course Planner.pdf (For current 9th graders; does not need to be submitted)

Grade 11 Course Planner.pdf (For current 10th graders; does not need to be submitted)

Grade 12 Course Planner.pdf (For current 11th graders; does not need to be submitted)