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Welcome to the Twin Valley Local Scholarship Application!  This is an exciting opportunity for ONLY Twin Valley Seniors, as there are over 40 scholarships you can apply for. The majority of the scholarships are all in one application posted for you, with instructions.  There are, however five additional scholarships that each have their own application, separate from the main application.  Four of those six have their own applications and two have links to access their applications (see below).  Please read each scholarship description carefully to see if you are eligible, and we encourage you to apply to every scholarship you qualify for.  If you have questions, please email Mrs. Gilbert or Mrs. Larson.  April 6th is the due date for all scholarships.  Good luck!

~TVHS Guidance

In order to be eligible to apply for local scholarships, students must have submitted at least one acceptance letter from a post-secondary educational institution.  

Completing the Local Scholarship Application:

  1. You must be logged in to YOUR Google account; forms completed under another person's account will be discarded.
  2. The due date for all applications is April 6, 2021.  Applications will NOT be accepted after the due date. 
  3. This application can be edited after it is submitted.  If you do not want to complete the entire application at one time, you may submit an incomplete application, then return to the form and click "edit your response". 

Scholarship descriptions

Additional scholarships