Intern of the Month

Posted on 10/31/2019

Congratulations to Scott Henderson, Twin Valley High School’s November Intern of the Month! Henderson interns at Morgan Corporation in the Human Resources Department with Talent Acquisition Specialist, Fatisha Quainoo. Morgan is the largest manufacturer of light to medium truck bodies in the nation, designing a variety of styles from Dry Freight to Refrigerated. The history of the company dates back to 1952 when a man named Elon Mountz opened a small implement repair shop in Morgantown, PA, known as Mountz Welding. The business soon expanded to repairing and refurbishing trailers and trucks, and later added the assembly, mounting, and finishing of prefabricated van body kits to their list of services in 1960. From that point on, Morgan grew tremendously and is now a household name in the truck body industry.

Henderson’s experience at Morgan is mainly behind-the-scenes as he assists in the hiring process of prospective employees. From updating job requisitions online to scheduling phone screenings and interviews, Henderson is in constant contact with those who are interested in joining the Morgan family. One method of communication Morgan utilizes is Facebook where Henderson answers comments and direct messages regarding any questions about the application process.

“Scott has increased Morgan’s social media response rate by 60%,” stated mentor, Fatisha Quainoo. Henderson plays a vital role in troubleshooting any issues that arise within job requisition links which allows prospective employees to feel secure that they are being properly updated on all available opportunities at the company.

“I really like updating the requisition links because I enjoy the organizational aspect of it,” stated Henderson.

Through his work at Morgan, Henderson has gained a sense of business professionalism and better understands the necessities of a successfully run company. He believes the skills he has developed during his internship will provide him with a solid foundation as he continues on to college to study business. Henderson’s time at Morgan has sparked his interest towards having a job in an office like Morgan, working in either Human Resources or Accounting. Best of luck in achieving all of your future goals, Scott!

For more information about Twin Valley’s internship program, please contact Angela Morgan, 610.286.8638, ( or Gwen Werner, 610.286.8637, (

Student Writer: Anna DeCecco

October, 2019 - Lexi Cox


Congratulations to Lexi Cox, Twin Valley High School’s October Intern of the Month! Cox interns at Spanco, Inc., under the supervision of Accounting Administrator, Kim Cox, who coincidentally happens to be her mother. Spanco, Inc. manufactures cranes for all material handling needs. In 1979, the company got its start in Downingtown thanks to founder, Richard Uhlig. The Morgantown facility opened in 1992 and is now company headquarters, in addition to being the main manufacturing location. Cox interns at the Morgantown facility and thoroughly enjoys spending her time there every day.  “Everyone there is super nice and it’s so much fun to talk and work with all of them,” stated Cox.

Interestingly enough, she has had a job at the company for the past four years and is paid for her internship. She has become a pro at filing, scanning, and entering purchase orders into their online system which is a huge help in keeping finances up to date.   “Having an intern in our accounting department has greatly decreased the stress level.  Besides the payables and receivables for Spanco, we have many other responsibilities.  Knowing Alexis is coming in to support us frees us up to get our projects completed accurately and on-time, stated Kim Cox.

Cox has gained a plethora of computer and office skills from her internship, in addition to enhancing her people skills. She believes that these new abilities will be extremely valuable in the future as she hopes to become an Emergency Room (ER) Nurse.   Cox interned at Brandywine Hospital in the PCU (Progessive Care Unit) and the ER during her junior year where she had the opportunity to restock medical supplies, clean up hospital rooms, and bring food and fluids to patients, in addition to a variety of other tasks. This experience brought Cox to the realization that nursing is her passion. She hopes to attend the Reading Hospital School of Health Sciences following graduation. Best wishes in all of your future endeavors, Lexi!


For more information about Twin Valley’s internship program, please contact Angela Morgan, 610.286.8638, ( or Gwen Werner, 610.286.8637, (

Student Writer: Anna DeCecco

January, 2019 - Adeline Amber-Messick


Adeline Amber-Messick has been chosen as the January Intern of the Month! Adeline is the first intern that Twin Valley Coffee has ever had. The company started as a hobby for Lynn and Lynne Burkholder in 2004, and a few years later they were selling coffee at farmers markets, and eventually in front of their home. Now, out of a gazebo on their lawn, Twin Valley Coffee serves hundreds of people daily. Their specialty is the Iced Toddy which includes freshly made cold brew, caramel drizzle, and flavored cream. They now have taken Adeline on as a mentor, and love having her.

“We appreciate having Adeline as Twin Valley Coffee’s first intern. She is willing to go outside of her comfort zone and likewise willing to do the ordinary just to benefit our company. She is an excellent addition to our staff and every other staff member at Twin Valley Coffee appreciates her,” stated Lynne Burkholder. They feel Adeline’s future is bright and hope she never forgets her time with them.

“The internship has helped me with people skills which is important for any job in the future. I have seen the inner-workings of running your own business and have learned valuable life lessons from my mentor,” stated Adeline. Every day, Adeline helps make drinks, serve customers, and stock inventory. Adeline has enjoyed the welcoming environment that is Twin Valley Coffee, and recommends that everyone should stop by to try out their one of a kind drinks.

For more information about Twin Valley’s internship program, please contact Angela Morgan, 610.286.8638, ( or Gwen Werner, 610.286.8637, (

Student writer: Sierra Cloonan


December, 2018 - Devon Latchum


Devon Latchum has been deemed Twin Valley’s December Intern of the Month. Latchum interns with Mrs. Erica Jamison in her second grade class at Honey Brook Elementary (HBEC). A unique intern, Latchum completed all of her required courses her junior year so she would be able to dedicate a large portion of her senior year to her internship.

She is present at HBEC from 9 in the morning to 3:30 in the afternoon, spending the entire school day with the elementary students. Latchum appreciates her hands-on experience which includes lesson planning, teaching, and learning how to cope with a variety of situations with the students. Mrs. Jamison enjoys Latchum’s desire to learn and her ability to interact positively with the students.

“Devon has been a true asset to our second grade class. She has gotten to know this diverse class of students, and she recognizes that they are all unique and individual learners. She asks thoughtful questions and reflects on each of the lessons to help meet the needs of each of our students,” stated Mrs. Jamison.

“I am definitely learning the importance of early education in a child’s life. Every child is different, and they have a purpose in and out of the classroom. Every day there is something new and exciting with the students,” stated Latchum.

Latchum loves working with the students and will continue her internship all year. In college, she plans to study Elementary Education with minors in Spanish and Special Education. Her biggest dream is to give meaning to early education, and one day make her own students passionate about their learning.

For more information about Twin Valley’s internship program, please contact Angela Morgan, 610.286.8638, ( or Gwen Werner, 610.286.8637, (

November, 2018 - Ryan Winther


Congratulations to Ryan Winther, Twin Valley High School’s November intern of the month! Winther interns at the Mohnton District Court with Judge David Yoch. Each day, Winther is able to attend arraignments and hearings at which Judge Yoch presides. Observing the actions in the courtroom gives Winther the opportunity to take notes and gather details about the process of the law.

Winther is contemplating a career in law enforcement, and this internship has given him enough information to pinpoint his career goals. He has hopes to enter the state police task force, and plans to use what he has learned from Judge Yoch throughout his career.

“Judge Yoch is very helpful and answers all of my questions. I find it very interesting to see the different types of trials and learn what the process is after an arrest. I’ve learned a lot about our court system,” stated Winther. He enjoys working with Judge Yoch and values the hands-on experience he has gained.

“Ryan has been a terrific intern, soaking up as much information as he can by speaking with those involved in law enforcement, defense attorneys, assistant district attorneys, and others. Ryan has seized the opportunity to see the inner-workings of the justice system,” stated Judge Yoch. This internship has presented Winther with a plethora of knowledge that he could not have gained any other way.

It is exciting to see Twin Valley students taking advantage of opportunities to get real world experience that will ensure their success as they move into the workforce. Ryan spent a few hours shadowing at the Chester County Prison where he had the opportunity to not only observe but also interact with staff members. Winther will continue to expand his understanding of the justice system, and is wished the best of luck as he works to achieve his goals of becoming a member of law enforcement.

For more information about Twin Valley’s internship program, please contact Angela Morgan, 610.286.8638, ( or Gwen Werner, 610.286.8637, (

October, 2018 - Courtney Bolko


Courtney Bolko has been selected as October’s Intern of the Month.  Bolko interns with the Twin Valley Middle School’s Behavioral Specialist, Ms. Anna Nowaczynksi. Together, they work with students to strengthen their focus and behavior in class. Each day, Bolko works individually with fifth and sixth graders in their classrooms to guide them to succeed. She is also able to take her students to the sensory room where they can work one-on-one. Bolko and Nowaczynski have a strong relationship and enjoy working together.

            “Courtney is a pleasure to work with! She jumped right in and began building relationships with the students. She goes above and beyond to support the students’ needs and understands their worlds. She has established great relationships with the aids and teachers…she’s amazing!  She works well with the entire team,” states Nowaczynski. Bolko hopes to pursue a career in special education and is interested in child psychology. She loves to see the impact she has with students!

“It’s really fun. I am making a difference and I feel like I’m really helping students--they trust and confide in me.  Working with Ms. Nowaczynski gives me an opportunity to learn and grow and see if this career will be part of my future,” says Bolko. 

Bolko plans to intern at the middle school for the full year, continuing to build relationships with the students and staff. Bolko states, “I just love it there; it makes me happy everyday.”  Internship Coordinator, Mrs. Morgan, admires Courtney’s drive--”Last year, Courtney successfully helped to coordinate our Mini-Thon and pursues opportunities that will make her grow.  Being interested in psychology, Courtney shadowed at the Wernersville State Hospital and also pursued an opportunity with Brandywine Hospital--psychiatric intake.  It’s inspiring to see a student engaged in learning more about her future career and continuing education decisions!”  Congratulations, Courtney and best wishes with your future endeavors!

For more information about Twin Valley’s internship program, please contact Angela Morgan, 610.286.8638, ( or Gwen Werner, 610.286.8637, (

April, 2018 - Olivia King

Olivia King, a senior at Twin Valley High School, has been named April's intern of the month. King has proven her excellence in recent months for her hard work as an intern at The Rustic Fox Consignment Store in Green Hills. The Rustic Fox Consignment Store was opened by Christie and Dave Gibson on July 4, 2012 as an extension of an interest in flea markets, garage sales, and auctions. The small local business buys and sells a wide variety of antiques, clothes, and other goods.

As the store has grown in recent years they have taken in King as a valuable intern and assistant for anything that is needed. As King’s mentor, Christie Gibson explains, “Working with Olivia and having her become our consignment store intern has been a positive experience…. We have loved having her…. Olivia is always ready to do whatever is needed.” With the great encouragement of her mentor, King has come to greatly appreciate her experience as an intern at the consignment shop. “I enjoy meeting all the people that come in to the shop,” King explains, “I enjoy seeing all the antique things that people bring in.” It is undeniable that King has become an enthusiastic student of the hands-on work that she has been doing.

Through the two months King has been striving to excel in everything from deciding what to buy from consignors to pricing items for sale. “I have learned the merchandise aspect of business and a little of how to run a business and all that goes into it,” says King. As The Rustic Fox has been seeking to expand the appeal of their merchandise, King has been of great use for furthering the entire success of the business. Gibson states, “A great way to keep your style current is to hire a young person and value their opinions and selections.” Through her internship, King has been gaining experience in and investigating her interest in possibly pursuing a career in business after school. King elaborates on her future endeavors saying, “I would like to one day own my own business.”

For more information about Twin Valley’s Internship Program, please contact Angela Morgan… or Gwen Werner…

Story by Brock Drahus

March, 2018 - Maddie Herman


Congratulations TVHS Senior Maddie Herman for being named March’s Intern of the Month!  Last year, Maddie shadowed with the Reading Hospital at the McGlinn Cancer Center where she gained more interest in the field of oncology.  Currently, she interns at the Phoenixville Cancer Center with Licensed Certified Genetic Counselor Amanda Carre.  Here Maddie has the opportunity to experience many different aspects of genetic counseling, learns to draw a pedigree, observes patient sessions and helps with charts, requisitions, and patient follow-up letters.  Amanda enjoys working with Maddie and says, “Maddie is a driven intern--she comes to clinic each day willing to learn and try new things.  She is constantly asking questions to help increase her knowledge of genetics, where the information can change day to day.  She is always smiling and makes everyone around her feel at ease.  I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Maddie over the past few months and if she continues along this career path, I look forward to calling her a colleague in a few years.”

Maddie also interned with Biology Instructor, Mr. Hertzler and says, “He is passionate about biology and it shows when he teaches.  His use of analogies and metaphors make complicated biology topics easier for students to understand.  I really enjoyed prepping for labs and assisting in the classroom.”  

Mr. Hertzler enjoyed having Maddie as an intern and comments, “I have been blessed to have had the chance to have Maddie as a fixture in my classroom.  Maddie excelled as a student in my Biology class and challenged herself in a senior level Anatomy and Physiology course the following spring. When I was asked to host her as an intern I hardly needed more than a moment to consider my answer. Being a classroom intern seemed second nature to Maddie. By using her engaging personality to approach each of my students, Maddie effectively lead lessons, directed labs, and provided constructive feedback confidently. As the semester progressed Maddie was able to integrate real world experiences she was having in her internship at the Phoenixville Cancer Center during our Heredity and Genetics Unit. It has been such a pleasure and encouragement to see someone excited about life sciences and take advantage of the opportunities provided at Twin Valley to gain a priceless advantage in her upcoming journey.”  Congratulations, Maddie!

For more information about Twin Valley’s Internship Program, please contact Angela Morgan at 610.286.8638; OR Gwen Werner at 610.286.8637;

February, 2018 - Brad Hertzler

Nov_Intrn Brad Hertzler, a senior at Twin Valley High School, has been named February's intern of the month. Hertzler has proven his excellence in recent months for his hard work as an intern at the Olivet Boys and Girls Pendora Park Club in Reading. 

The Olivet Boys and Girls Club reaches out to the area's young people most in need of caring help, and a safe, fun and positive environment where they can thrive.  As an intern volunteering in the local community, Hertzler has been working to touch the lives of the many children who look up to him. 

“The best part is seeing the kids,” Hertzler says, “and knowing that maybe I made a positive impact on them.”

It is undeniable that young Brad Hertzler has certainly made a positive impact in his internship, as the staff at the Olivet Boys and Girls Club recognizes his hard work. In the past several months Brad has been striving to excel in everything from helping kids with their homework to simply making them smile. 

Mentor Kathia Montanez, commented, “Brad enlightens the club when he arrives! He comes to Olivet Pendora with a smile and ready to interact with our members. Within his timeframe two days a week he proves to many that he values his time here with our members!”

Mentor Gina Dierolf expressed, “Brad is a wonderful worker and is always looking to help and participate in any way with our members. Many of the members look forward to seeing him when he comes in and are eager to play games with him.”

Beginning his internship at the end of September, Hertzler has been investigating his possible interest in a teaching career after graduation.  Hertzler’s decision to pursue this admirable career is not the most important aspect of  his work experience,  He feels that the true rewards he has received from this opportunity, helping children, were worth the effort even if he chooses another career path. 
“I have made a lot of great connections with the students and staff there,” he expresses proudly, “and have been able to help a lot of kids learn.” 

It seems that the unique opportunity Hertzler has been granted this year in his internship is the epitome of what intern programs like the one at Twin Valley High School strives to do. As Hertzler has been able to investigate an interest, gain some experience in the working world, make positive connections, and proudly help the local community. 

It is also the efforts of passionate students and determined young adults, like Hertzler, that allows members of the working world to confidently pass the future of their hard work onto the younger generations. Congratulations Brad, and best of luck with your future endeavors. 

For more information on Twin Valley’s Internship program, please contact Angela Morgan, 610.286.8638, ( or Gwen Werner, 610.286.8637, (

Story by Brock Drahus

January, 2018 - Lauren Cleaver and Cheyenne Silva

Nov_Intrn Lauren Cleaver and Cheyenne Silva have been awarded January’s Interns of the Month. They both intern with Judge Cabry and his staff at the Honey Brook Court. They have the opportunity to observe court proceedings and network with professionals such as attorneys, police officers, constables and others in the criminal justice field. They have learned legal terms, more about common criminal and civil charges, and have seen the “behind the scenes” work involved in the local court system.

Judge Cabry is impressed with their interest and initiative saying, “The girls have been very attentive and eager to learn about the criminal justice system. They ask good questions in all facets of the court system, take tedious notes and are engaged.” They are both interested in pursuing a ride-along with West Brandywine Township, where they can see the actual day-to-day activities of a police officer.

Cheyenne’s favorite aspect of this internship is working with Judge Cabry. Cheyenne says, “Judge goes out of his way to make sure that Lauren and I are learning…he talks with us in his chambers about cases we have seen and answers any questions we have, especially about our future career goals and plans.”

Lauren’s favorite aspect of this internship, “… is getting to work with various professionals in the field. They have been a huge help in terms of determining my future career path and the best route to take in order to achieve my goals.”

Both Lauren and Cheyenne are planning to attend law school. Cheyenne would like to become an Assistant District Attorney and Lauren plans to be a field agent with the FBI. Best wishes, ladies, on your future success!!

For more information on Twin Valley’s Internship program, please contact Angela Morgan, 610.286.8638, ( or Gwen Werner, 610.286.8637, (

December, 2017 - Maria Morris and Kaylee Welch


The Twin Valley Interns of the Month, for December, are seniors Samantha Stine, Maria Morris and Kaylee Welch. All three of these strong young interns have the same mentor: Ms. Patricia Bowen, Twin Valley Video Production Instructor. During their internship, they assist in working with and teaching a class of 29 students while honing their skills in editing with Adobe’s Premiere, a video editing software program. The “difficulty” level of this program is one that anyone would be challenged to learn on her own.

Sam, Kaylee, and Maria help the class by working individually with small groups of students to develop their projects. Many students need personal attention to complete projects, and all three interns share the responsibility to help everyone. Working together daily has brought them closer together. Sam commented, “I have no problem asking for help.” She knows that she can rely on her partners. All three interns complement one another’s skills as well, with each bringing something unique to the table. Having had different experiences with the program, they each help to create a surefire safety net for any student.

The girls have incredibly different plans for using the skills they learned with Ms. Bowen. Sam plans to pursue social networking and use the experience she has now to create a platform in her own way. Kaylee plans to study nursing, and would like to use her production skills to make instructional videos for medical procedures. Maria is undecided at the moment, but this experience has developed her passion for video production which she plans to use in a future career.

All three interns have enjoyed their time with Ms. Bowen. They were clearly filled with sentiment when asked to talk about their most memorable mentor moment. Maria talked about Ms. Bowen finding a highlight video she made in the summer and playing it for the class in an effort to showcase her great talent. She realized how much Ms. Bowen believed in her. Kaylee commented that Ms. Bowen really believes in her abilities. Kaylee also said that the way Ms. Bowen comforts her with the assurance that “it’s alright to not know what you want to do just yet” is a shining part of her relationship with her mentor. Sam shared a story about a time she was sick and needed to leave class to see the school nurse. Mrs. Bowen later visited her in the nurse’s office to see if she was alright. Sam expressed, “that’s when I knew that Ms. Bowen really cared about us.”

Mrs. Bowen is just as appreciative of her interns, expressing how important they are in her classroom: “Kaylee Welch, Maria Morris and Sam Stine have really earned this honor. They are all intelligent, articulate, responsible young women. Like many young women, they tended to stay in the background. Throughout these 9 weeks, I challenged them to step up and be seen and to own their knowledge and abilities. They all have engaged their peers and can now proudly embrace their skills and talents as cinematographers, editors, and teachers. Working in a television studio as a woman is, in some ways, like working in engineering, so it hasn't been easy. I am very proud of their accomplishments and I couldn't have managed 29 video production students without their help.”

The girls wanted to add a note specifically for their teacher as well: “Thank you Mrs. Bowen, for always being there, being funny, and expecting so much from us so we succeed.” We wish them all future success in doing what they love. Congratulations December Interns of the Month!

For more information about Twin Valley’s Internship Program, please contact Angela Morgan… or Gwen Werner…

November, 2017 - Julia Danilak


The Twin Valley Intern of the Month for November is Julia Danilak. Julia interns at Brandywine Hospital in the anesthesiology department observing operations and working closely with various surgeons. Julia enjoys being in the medical environment and will also explore the criminal justice field with an additional internship at the Birdsboro Courthouse in the spring.

Julia’s Internship Coordinator, Angela Morgan, said “I am impressed with Julia’s determination and follow-through concerning the large amount of paperwork she had to complete in order to take part in her internship; she clearly was focused and her patience and determination was admirable.” Julia’s mother was also excited by her initiative saying, “This internship is contributing to her overall development and responsibility. Getting up and out of the house by 6:10 am is no easy feat! Julia comes home and excitedly tells me stories about the new experiences every day at the hospital.”

Julia has the opportunity to “scrub in” on multiple operations with the surgeons and watch them perform. She has an insight that many of us cannot comprehend about the intricacies of surgery. When asked about her most interesting aspect, the tie was between the days she witnessed open heart surgery and lung surgery. Julia spent an entire day at the hospital to watch the surgeons perform real, life-saving procedures only inches in front of her! Julia plans to study Pre-Med in college and pursue work in the medical field where she, too, can have an opportunity to save lives!

Best wishes, Julia, with your future career goals!

For more information about Twin Valley’s Internship Program, contact Angela Morgan (610.286.8638) OR Gwen Werner (610.286.8637)

Story written by Alex Bell, class of 2018.

October, 2017 - Shawn McGinnis


Shawn McGinnis, a Twin Valley High School senior, is the intern of the month for September 2017. Shawn’s internships are focused on History. His passion for history started at a young age, when he began watching war movies with his father. His sharp memory made it easy for him to study and he believes knowing the past is even more important today.

Shawn wants to study History next year at Gettysburg College, and is participating in multiple internships to help determine his focus for further study. He spends his time working with three separate mentors: Susan DeFaber, and Christopher Aulenbach, history teachers at Twin Valley High School and Dr. Blessing from Alvernia University.

Shawn works with Dr. Tim Blessing, gathering information for a new course at Alvernia. Shawn spends two, nearly five hour, sessions with him each week; much to the delight of Blessing, saying, “Shawn has stepped into a situation where I needed a reliable and hard-working intern and he has proven himself indispensable. His hard-work in an area where he has had to educate himself practically overnight has helped a class live up to its potential”.

His time with the teachers here at Twin Valley is just as impressive, helping both Defaber and Aulenbach with classes for one period every day. The time he spends interning adds up to nearly 25 hours every week. The knowledge he gains with teachers, Shawn says, is invaluable. He described the method he learned to generate a lesson plan, called “using a rabbit hole”. He researches the information he intends to teach the class and then searches for related information because “history is not linear”.

Shawn enjoys his internships and says, “I think it’s beneficial to me and anyone who wants to better their knowledge and understanding, and figure out what they want to do with their life. You can't get an experience like that in class”. Shawn’s mentors enjoy having him just as much, DeFaber praising, “Shawn is someone who is always looking for an opportunity to further his knowledge. Additionally, he will come in early and stay late to finish a task or ask for added responsibility”, and Aulenbach adding, “He is a beacon of light, who on a daily basis, enlightens our class”.

Shawn is a natural historian and has a passion for time machines. Shawn decided that if he ever time traveled that the first person he would find would be a World War II veteran named Audie Murphy. Murphy was a hero who saved hundreds by holding off a nazi assault while wounded and alone, leaving him a hero that Shawn would have loved to meet.

Shawn wants people to know that history is still living around us. He quoted John Green, “The real lesson will last the rest of your life, and it will all be on the test. History is like a test and if you pass it, you’ll make a better future”.

For more information about Twin Valley’s Internship Program, please contact Angela Morgan… or Gwen Werner…  

Story by Alex Bell, Class of 2018

May, 2017


At Twin Valley High School, it is a typical day for students to gain opportunities in the “real world.”  For example, a student interested in becoming a police officer may job shadow or intern in the criminal justice career field and participate in a ride-along with local police departments as well as observe court cases and take the opportunity to speak to professionals within the courtroom. 


Students interested in medical may have the opportunity to see a baby being born and observe various operations and medical procedures, including dentistry and orthodontic surgeries. 

Recently, a young man had the opportunity to participate in a real estate showing of a luxury property where he assisted the agent in explaining and guiding prospective clients.

Students interested in marketing may work with various companies including the Santander Arena where concerts, games, and events take place—what a great “sneak peek” behind the scenes!  Sports-related careers are gaining popularity—many students choose to explore these areas by interning with physical therapists, athletic trainers, and sports marketing and management students with our local baseball team, “The Reading Fightin’ Phils” as well as Maple Grove Raceway. 

Students interested in chemistry and biology have experience working with tissue cultures as they target cancer detection and treatment.  Our local wastewater treatment plant provides opportunities for students to learn more about testing water samples and the biological processes of breaking down waste. 


Other interesting areas include:  education, business, accounting, restaurant management, architecture, veterinary medicine, funeral planning and directing, fashion and design, cosmetology, image consulting, social work and non-profit business.  

We believe students learn “by doing.”  Benefits for students include offers for summer and part-time employment, networking with professionals who can guide them in career and college-planning, scholarships, and stipends.  

THANK YOU to the following businesses who hosted our interns this year:


 A J Blosenski Trash & Recycling Services, AAA Travel, Aardvark Animal Hospital, Bark Avenue, Beam’s Woodworking, Berks Animal Rescue League, Brandywine Hospital, Bruce Baer Accounting, Caernarvon Township, Children’s Clinic of Wyomissing, Country Companion Animal Hospital, Downingtown Family Practice, DRS Product Returns, E.A. Funk Company, Eagle Disposal, Elverson EMT, French Creek Golf Club, Genesis Chiropractic, Goodwill Morgantown, Green Valleys Watershed Association, Health South Reading Rehabilitation, Holiday Inn, Honey Brook Chiropractic and Wellness Center, Honey Brook Veterinarian Hospital, Iron Mountains LLC, Judge Glass/Birdsboro Court, Keares Electric, Keller Williams Real Estate, Kurtz Fish Hatchery, Laura Vilardo, Leiss Orthodontics, Ludwig’s Village Market, Mishock Physical Therapy, Morphotek, Nature’s Accent Taxidermy, New Beginnings, New Castle Lawn and Landscape, NovaCare Rehabilitation, Nuse’s Deli, Performance Food Centers/Simple Again, Phoenix Rehabilitation Services, Reading Fightin’ Phils, Reading Pediatrics, Robeson Township, Rush Law Group, RV Industries, Santander Arena, Singer Equipment, Spring Meadow Farm, State Farm Insurance, Style Encore, Tel Hai Retirement Community, The Whitford Corporation, The Windmill Restaurant, Thomas Daylily Farm, Twin Valley School District, Twisted Scissors, US Army, ViWinco, Walmart, Weiser Engineering, Westtown East Goshen Police Department, Whole Child Learning Center, William F. Hammell Nursery, and Yoder’s Country Market.

 For more information about Twin Valley’s Internship Program, please contact Angela Morgan ( or Gwen Werner (

Photo Captions:

 Jess Kern, Leiss Orthodontics; Lillian Nale with Mentor Dr. Jenn Colins, Honey Brook Animal Hospital; Skyler Erb, Office Clerk at Caernarvon Township; Sam Karwic, Morphotek

 March, 2017 - Cara Higginbottom, Emma Kertis, Tyler Blickley, and Aidan Porter

Three years ago, TVHS students were interested in helping elementary students who wanted to learn string instruments, and created a new internship opportunity!  Two high school Interns started the “strings” program with 7 students—forward to 3 years later—and 4 interns are currently working with approximately 40 students!!

TVEC Music Teacher, Melissa Ebeling, said the interns “…create a great atmosphere for learning—they evaluate students and develop learning strategies to meet varying student needs…the interns create games to help review content—they have good classroom management, and use clear language when giving directions and preparing students to play.”

Intern Cara Higginbottom, (who recently represented TVHS in a symphony orchestra at the Young Artists Performance Series at Carnegie Hall) “…strongly believes that learning how to play a musical instrument helps with child development and gives everyone a source of joy listening to the music.”

The interns continue to create and build a solid rapport with the elementary students helping them with note reading and playing.  These students show a great deal of commitment, leadership, and initiative as they seek ways to actively engage students and make learning fun!

Congratulations to the TVEC “Strings” Interns!  Thank you for all you do to inspire the elementary students to pursue their musical passions.  Thank you, to Mrs. Ebeling, as well as High School Music Teacher, Tonna Dieter, for all your help and guidance with the TVEC Strings Program!  

For more information about Twin Valley’s Internship Program, please contact Mrs. Angela Morgan at or Mrs. Gwen Werner at

 March, 2017 - Tony Gorgone

Nov_Intrn Anthony “Tony” Gorgone is Twin Valley High School’s Intern of the Month for March. Gorgone is interning with Nature’s Accent Taxidermy in Narvon. Nature’s Accent is dedicated to making high quality sculpts of their customers’ hunting trophies. Gorgone says he very much enjoys his internship, saying that “It’s ALL real fun”--unable to choose a specific aspect that he likes the most. His mentor, Ben Lapp, seems to enjoy his help as much as Gorgone enjoys volunteering there.

Nov_Intrn “[Tony] has a great attitude and good work ethic; he is a fast learner…” Lapp said. He is clearly getting a great and unique experience from this internship. When asked about what happens on an average day at Nature’s Accent, Gorgone said that Lapp shows him how to mount specific animals in the customer’s desired way, and he quickly and easily does it. Lapp was clearly not exaggerating about Gorgone’s ability to learn quickly, and this gift with his hands could prove very useful in the future. A fun and challenging hands-on job such as this can provide a great real-world work experience, and clearly has left a mark on Gorgone.

Tony Gorgone appears to be doing great with his internship. We wish him the best in the future!

For more information about Twin Valley’s Internship Program, please contact Angela Morgan (; 610.286.8638) or Gwen Werner (; 610.286.8637).

Story by Connor Miles

 Fenruary, 2017 - Brianna McVay

Nov_Intrn Congratulations to senior, Breanna McVay, Twin Valley’s February Intern of the Month! Bre interns for the Information Technology (IT) Department, Twin Valley School District. Among her responsibilities are: complete ticket queues in Help Desk, reimage computers with specific settings or programs, perform “surgery” and repair physical hardware components, and other spontaneous projects.

 Supervisor Mike Nappi reports that Bre works independently and problem-solves in order to correct technology issues. She is self-motivated and eager to learn. “…Bre works productively and safely without needing direct oversight of a tech staff member…she continues to exceed our expectations.”

Bre’s favorite part of her internship is literally seeing the results of her work around the school. Bre says, “The laptops I fix sit on teachers’ desks. The Macs I prepared are used by students for their classes. The Ethernet cables I made help to keep the internet running throughout the school…I have picked up so many skills along the way that will be useful in the future!”

Jeff Buettler, Director of TVSD IT, says, “Breanna is doing excellent work. She already has a professionalism about her that will make her very successful…she excels at all tasks…we love her expedience and enthusiasm!”

Bre plans to major in IT at the University of Pittsburgh. Congratulations, Bre and best wishes in your future endeavors!

For more information about TVHS’s Internship Program, please contact Angela Morgan ( or Gwen Werner (

 January, 2017 - Tierra Graham

Twin Valley High School's Intern of the Month for January is Tierra Graham, who is interning with the Green Valleys Watershed Association. 

Graham teaches environmental education and helps plant trees for the organization. She enjoys being outside and working with a professional organization committed to something she is interested in. Additionally, Green Valleys allows Graham to use the skills she has learned in and out of high school in a real-world environment. Graham has an interest in environmental preservation and this internship has helped her learn more about this career area.

Her employers enjoy having her as part of their staff. Graham’s mentor, Dawn White, said that, "Tierra is a pleasure to work with and has really been an asset to Green Valleys' staff this season! She is friendly, self-motivated, and efficient in any task she is given. She has been able to experience a wide variety of jobs that go along with working at a small non-profit organization--from planning and preparing materials for a number of preschool nature classes--to painting new bird feeders for the property.” Graham is also mentored by Kelsey Stanton who commented, “Tierra has helped with organizing data collected by our water quality monitoring volunteers. I am impressed by her eagerness to try new tasks, her involvement both in her school and community, and her enthusiasm for the environment.” All of these are real-world skills that Graham has shown an affinity for.

Tierra plans on attending Penn State next fall studying Biology with a focus in Ecology. We wish her well in her future ventures into this field.

For more information about Twin Valley’s Internship Program, please contact Angela Morgan… or Gwen Werner…

 Article written by student Connor Miles. 

 December, 2016 - Tina Messner

Congratulations to Tina Messner, Intern of the Month for December. Messner interns with Mrs. Shelly Bebee at Twin Valley Elementary Center (TVEC), supporting students’ learning and reading comprehension needs. Bebee says, “It has been a pleasure having Tina, a former kindergarten student of mine, as an intern this year. Tina exemplifies the qualities of an ideal intern and shows great promise towards becoming an educator. She is responsible, motivated, and committed to learning about all areas of teaching. In her short time as an intern, Tina has had the opportunity to become familiar with and administer district assessments, work with students in a small group setting and help to maintain our school bookroom. She is excited to move forward to prepare and execute early literacy lessons for our TVEC students.”

Messner enjoys her internship and feels the experience has bolstered her interest in her planned major. She wishes to pursue becoming a speech/language pathologist and says, “This experience has made me a well-rounded person in general. I continue to grow in this field and the tasks I am given are increasing in difficulty—I am thankful to learn such a variety of skills. Growing up, I always wanted to be a teacher, but now I can be more specific in my focus—what I love the most is helping children be the best they can be.”

For more information about Twin Valley’s Internship Program, please contact Angela Morgan (; 610.286.8638) or Gwen Werner (; 610.286.8637).

 Article written by student Connor Miles.

 November, 2016 - Jacob Hammersley

Jacob Hammersley, a senior at Twin Valley High School, has been named November's Intern of the Month.

Currently interning at DRS Product Returns, Jacob stepped into this opportunity yearning for skills that can be applicable throughout the rest of his life.

 Since 1991, DRS Product Returns has cemented itself as a chief provider of reverse logistics services and solutions to the Consumer Product Goods (CPG) and Retail industries.

"One of the biggest takeaways has to be learning Microsoft Excel," said Hammersley. "It's one of those programs that is used in so many technical jobs, so it's bound to come up in any field I pursue.”

 "Jacob takes initiative, seeking additional assignments when he has completed his expected tasks. Gaining experience, he is able to work independently," said Keith Huls, Jacob’s supervisor/Director of Customer Service.

Hammersley is learning new skills in voice processing and supply chain analysis.

"Reverse logistics can be a bit of an esoteric business... yet Jacob has a good grasp of his assignments, working diligently to complete them and asking questions where appropriate rather than forging ahead down an incorrect path. He has certainly been an asset to us and we look forward to continued association with Jacob and the Twin Valley Internship program,” Huls continued.

 Jacob plans to take his experiences and apply them to his future career in astrophysics.

 For more information about Twin Valley’s Internship Program, please contact Angela Morgan… or Gwen Werner…

Written by Hunter Gajewski

October, 2016 - Kelly Loughery

Twin Valley High School's Intern of the Month for October is Miss Kelly Loughery, who is currently interning with the school's Raider Runway program. This program entails seeking out old or unused dresses and offering them for free rental to students who do not wish to purchase their own for events such as prom or homecoming. In the program, Loughery loves “mixing the things [she] loves: business and fashion.” She also enjoys its in-school component as it allows her to easily get there and work very closely with her mentors. When asked about Loughery’s performance in her internship, Raider Runway advisor Mrs. Jennifer Dawson stated that “Kelly has been instrumental in continuing and expanding the Raider Runway program this year… Her enthusiasm and positive attitude make her a joy to work with”.

Loughery’s internship experience has taught her much about herself as well as teaching her important “management and marketing skills” that have nuanced her career choices. Loughery’s experience also taught her firsthand the importance of “communication, marketing skills and… fashion sense” when updating the dress selection and ensuring interested students are in the know about the changes. Loughery believes wholeheartedly that “when other people see your attitude and excitement, they’ll see how much something means to you and… it will be more enjoyable that way”.

Clearly, Kelly Loughery created quite a stir when she began interning for Raider Runway, and her presence has only assisted the organization. Perhaps more importantly, this experience allowed Loughery to gain twenty-first century skills that will nuance her career choices and affect her decisions later in life. She plans to pursue business and marketing in college. For more information about Twin Valley’s Internship Program, please contact Angela Morgan…

-Connor Miles,  class of 2017

April, 2016 - Ally Liptock

Apr_Intrn Ally Liptock, a senior at Twin Valley High School, has been named April’s Intern of the Month due to her extraordinary passion for teaching and preparing for her future in the classroom. Liptock interns every morning in Miss Ashley Venonsky’s kindergarten class at Honey Brook Elementary Center.

“She is extremely responsible, mature, dependable and comes every day with a smile and helping hands! She is a natural in the classroom,” stated Venonsky. Liptock not only gets to spend time observing Venonsky, she is also in charge of small group centers. She runs a literacy center, where she can work with small groups to improve reading and writing skills. Liptock also has worked individually with children to help improve these skills. She also co-teaches a writing lesson to the entire class.

Liptock chose the elementary school for internship because she is interested in working with children as a career. She has experience from babysitting, as well as teaching in Twin Valley High School’s Preschool Lab. Being in Venonsky’s classroom has helped to expand Liptock’s knowledge about teaching.

“Every day when I get there and when I leave, the children all run up to me and give me a hug, and it makes me feel appreciated. Watching the children then learn and understand what I teach them is my absolute favorite part,” said Liptock. This experience has helped her to be more patient, more confident, and to realize that teaching is exactly what she wants to do for her career. Liptock will attend Millersville University in the fall with a dual major in early childhood education and special education. She appreciates everyone who has influenced her career decision—she loves teaching children!

Congratulations to Ally Liptock for being Twin Valley’s April Intern of the Month.

Jan_Rotary Corrine Kurtz, a senior at Twin Valley High School, is diving head first into the automotive industry, which is why she has been chosen as the March Intern of the Month.

Kurtz currently interns at the Anthony D’Ambrosio car dealership in Elverson, where, aside from buying and selling cars, she is responsible for scheduling appointments, managing finances, and assisting the mechanics with choosing automobile parts.

Along with her passion for cars and business, Kurtz is interested in marketing. She is making it a priority to learn more about that during her time as an intern. Her enthusiasm for business is only part of what has already made Kurtz successful.

“Everyone at the dealership is impressed with Corrine’s can-do attitude,” said John Senick, General Sales Manager at Anthony D’Ambrosio. “I am convinced that she will be successful in whatever field she chooses for a career.”

Kurtz’s “can-do attitude” is also what got her a job offering at the dealership once her internship ends in April. She plans to take the job and begin her career in the automotive industry
“Eventually I want to take over a car dealership, but for now I want to start off small and work my way up,” explained Kurtz. By working her way through all of the rankings of the company, Kurtz will have all the expertise required to manage a car dealership.

After graduation, Kurtz plans to go on to college to study business management and marketing. Eventually, one of her goals is to own a handful of classic cars.

Congratulations to Corrine Kurtz for being Twin Valley’s Intern of the Month.

February, 2016 - Rachael Ewing

Jan_Rotary Rachael Ewing, a senior at Twin Valley High School, has been named February's Intern of the Month. Ewing spends her internship at Robeson Elementary Center with Mrs. Christine Robinson, the Learning Support teacher. Ewing started showing interest in the education field at a young age. In fifth grade she would go into school early and assist Mrs. Robinson in helping a third grade student.

“Now as a senior, Rachael comes to my classroom each day ready to help second grade students with math support and kindergarten students with pre-reading and pre-math skills. Rachael isn't afraid to jump in and help wherever she sees a need,” said Ewing's mentor, Christine Robinson. “Ewing is prompt and always jumps right into what's happening and comes up with innovative ways to help wherever she's needed.”

“My favorite part of my internship is that I receive many opportunities to teach lessons. Mrs. Robinson allows me to lead with the kindergarten groups with whatever activity is planned for the day, and it's a good way for me to get a feel for how to run a classroom in a small group setting,” said Ewing. Ewing plans to continue in this field and become an elementary school teacher. She recommends the internship to anyone considering a career in the education field to intern at Robeson. “It is an excellent hands-on opportunity to give you an experience in the education field before entering college.”

“Mrs. Robinson has been a great mentor and has definitely allowed me to be successful and have a great time each day at internship,” said Ewing. Rachael will be interning with classroom teacher, Jean McCarney, 2nd semester, also at Robeson Elementary Center…best wishes for a successful year, Rachael!

Ewing will either be attending Penn State University or Seton Hill University, majoring in Elementary and Special Education. Congratulations, Rachael Ewing, on being February's Intern of the Month.