Project Lead The Way EDD Presentations

Project Lead The Way EDD Presentations
Posted on 01/30/2018
Project Lead The Way EDD Presentations

On Thursday, January 11, 2018, students taking Project Lead The Way (PLTW) course, Engineering Design and Development (EDD) presented to fellow students, faculty, and more than a dozen local professionals at the 2018 Engineering Design and Development Presentations.  Taught by Twin Valley’s Michael Joy, EDD is the capstone PLTW course. It offers real world skills and applications for students who have excelled in previous PLTW courses and have a strong interest in pursuing an education and career in engineering. In its 12th year, Twin Valley’s EDD experience is unmatched in its opportunities to learn technical skills, solve problems, and experience the engineering design process. Throughout the course, students are required to communicate and collaborate with local engineers and other professionals.
This years Design and Development included:

The Anywhere Chair

Designed and developed by Andrew De Lucia, Scott Lacey, Noah Pegler, and David Porter

The VVV Back-Saver
Designed and developed by Jared Amey, John Hofbauer, and Niko Novak

The Kayak Launcher
Designed and developed by Lauren Peterman, Cody Powell, and Collin Whitlock

 The Toasternator 3000
Designed and developed by Jake Kennedy, Kenny Miller, Marianna O’Doherty, and Willow Shendge
Twin Valley High School’s Technology and Engineering Department offers a wide range of opportunities for students, including a full program of Project Lead the Way Courses. Schools with Project Lead the Way accreditation offer nationwide pathways in computer science, engineering, and biomedical science. Participation in Twin Valley’s PLTW program is an excellent opportunity for current students.
Students who have taken PLTW courses in the past have gone on to pursue a higher education in engineering and have have been very successful. Twin Valley’s 2017 valedictorian Anthony Troupe, a PLTW student, is currently continuing his engineering education at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Former students regularly report back that they are more experienced and better prepared than their college peers.

Videos of the student presentations can be viewed below: